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About War Eagle Parking

War Eagle Parking is powered by FoPark technology. FoPark is developed by McNutt & Company, LLC.

Every day, drivers around the world waste their valuable time and fuel in their cars looking for an open spot in crowded parking lots. FoPark is a next generation parking solution that tells your customers exactly where the open spots are, with near real time parking occupancy information.

The solution uses cameras and computing power to bring the latest parking information to a mobile application in the palm of your hand. Its core engine is a digital video parsing technology (patent pending) that processes live video streams from camera installations in the parking lot. The solution can be installed independently to provide occupancy information on a website or a Mobile app. It can also be integrated with existing parking reservation systems and payment systems.

The installation process is no different than installing surveillance cameras in a parking lot or in a building. No digging up of asphalt in the parking lot, No shut down of parking lot for installation is required.Why do you need a separate video surveillance system for a parking lot, when FoPark can give you the available spots for parking and its exact location, along with a surveillance system.

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